How to Renew Your Notary Public Commission

Prior to the expiration of his or her commission, a notary must request the Secretary of State to renew their commission. The following must be provided for consideration to renew your notary:

Please contact the Williams County Court Administrator at 419-636-3436 or via email to schedule an appointment to renew your notary. The renewed commission must be recorded in the same manner as your original commission.

Recording Your Commission

After an applicant receives his or her commission, but before he or she can use it, the applicant must take an oath, which is endorsed on the commission. In Williams County, that oath must be taken at the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas. The Clerk records the commission, and receives a $5 fee for so doing. If a certified copy of a notary commission is needed, it can be obtained from the clerk for $2. As a part of the Secretary of State's processing of the applications, the Secretary of State also maintains a record of notary commissions.

Expiration of Commission

Performing any act as a notary public knowing one's term of office has expired will result in forfeiture of not more than $500 and permanent ineligibility for reappointment (R.C. § 147.11). In the event your commission has expired but you have not performed any act as a notary public, it may be possible to renew your notary without re-testing. Please contact the Court Administrator immediately for further information.